The University of Patras and are organizing a training program for health professionals and civil servants to support refugees / migrants as part of the implementation of the SCORE European project “Developing Skills for Community and Health Workers Working with Refugees” (Erasmus + KA2, 2017 -1-EL01-KA202-036352).
The educational program is aimed at:
  • employees in public services and services in the wider public sector (Regions, Municipalities, etc.)
  • healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists)
  • NGO members
  • medical students
  • volunteers

The aim of the program is to:

  • increasing the capacity of public service workers and health professionals to approach and work with immigrants
  • understanding the needs of refugees / migrants
  • supporting refugees / immigrants to integrate into the community.


The program will be a total of 12 weeks and will be implemented by the distance education method, and will include 2 meetings with the World Café method, which will take place in Patras. Specifically, the training will start on Monday 20/01/2020. and will end on Friday, 10/04/2020.


In detail, the modules to be developed are the following:

Section 1

Legal framework – Social inclusion and integration
(Duration, 3 weeks)

Section 2

Sensitive groups / immigrants
(duration, 3 weeks)

Section 3

Physical and mental health of immigrants
(duration, 3 weeks)

Section 4

Special Section for Health Professionals and Community Professionals.

Case studies, good practices

(duration, 3 weeks)

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