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By finishing the course you can build the following capacities



This project aims to tackle the phenomenon of disappearance in a different way. For this reason, it is essential to create a common language to share research methods and results, laying the foundations for a scientific method which is able to reduce errors of assessment in real cases and significantly helping the research activities.

Collecting and gathering useful information


In order to innovate the approach to the disappearance, we must analyze, break down and dissect it, starting from its constituent elements which are useful to understand the dynamics and the mechanisms supporting it. It is necessary to share basic concepts to use a common language and to structure shared operational models.



Another undisputed protagonist of the disappearance is “time”.

In the disappearance cases, time presents itself in many forms. We talk about time in terms of timeliness of research, or with reference to time spent. It’s important to focus on it because the majority of the misunderstandings between institutions and family of the missing person are based on this factor: time is too dilated for the first and very restricted for the latter.

The Phases


The phases are the direct consequences of the time management and they articulate in a homogeneous way the most significant moments of a disappearance.

The information organization and the Matrix of Connections


In this report I will not go into details of how to collect and evaluate information that constitute moments of study and experimentation belonging to other modules. Here I will illustrate the system of information which is preparatory to reporting.

A classification system to allocate disappearance

As stated above, it is pivotal to fight the what of doubt and oblivion. For this reason we must therefore equip ourselves with a strategy that sets objectives and proceeds in a targeted way towards the solution, supported by logical and documented elements and not based on sensations, statistics, procedures, emotions, etc.

Drafting reports respecting the phases of the research


Experimenting and applying the system is the best way to refine the results to make them more relevant and useful, especially in the phase of research planning. In fact, the final aim is to solve the case by proceeding to avoid the risk of dissipating important elements or wasting too much time before realizing to have embarked on a wrong path.