University of Patras and, Greek partners of the project, will start the piloting of the training course for Health Professionals and Community Workers who are working with refugees/immigrants, on 27.01.2020.

The training course addresses to health professionals, community workers, members of NGOs, students and volunteers who are working or are planning to work with refugees/immigrants. It will be implemented via e-learning. Moreover, 2 meetings with the method of World Café will be held in Patras, Greece, in the months to come.

Piloting in Greece starts on 27.01.2020 and will end on 03.05.2020. After the piloting phase, professionals who participated to the training will have 2 weeks practice and will work with refugees/immigrants.
The number of participants in Greece exceeded every expectation, as there are 138 professionals following the training course.

The piloting is expected to start in all partners countries (Italy, Spain & Denmark) until April 2020.

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