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The project is an innovative intervention in the framework of education of professionals in working with refugees.

At a glance summary look at good practice in care for refugees and asylum seekers in areas except the first entrance and hot spot areas.

It is primarily aimed at service commissioners and providers working in local authorities in children’s and adults’ services. It will also be of interest to asylum seeker and refugee organizations and voluntary organizations in these areas.

The training of professionals in these “second” areas is very innovative!

Most of the projects running so far are aiming in first entrance areas. The project will also help to educate the local societies on the refugee humanitarian problem. The social care services should use a rights-based approach, considering the person as an individual and assessing their need thoroughly, rather than viewing them solely through the lens of status and eligibility

Our Outputs
1st Output
2nd Output
3rd Output
4th Output
5th Output
Research into the needs of refugees living in local communities and the needs and lack of skills of community and health workers working with refugees
Co-creation (part of Living Lab); curriculum, competences, learning outcomes for modular courses; experience of training community and health workers working with refugees
Create training course for teachers/trainers, Implementation and Evaluation – Learning Recourses and Learning Outcomes
“How to work with refugees” - Design, development and testing of workshop and e-learning
Implementation and evaluation of community and health workers training - Practice with refugees for trained community and health workers
Our Target Group
  • Health professionals
  • Community workers
  • Refugees
  • Students
  • VET institutions
  • Teachers in VET
  • Individuals
  • Charities – NGOs
  • Volunteers
  • Municipalities
  • European networks
  • Policy makers

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