Partners Project Meeting in Denmark

The 3rd partners meeting of SCORE project took place in Aarhus (Denmark) on 12th & 13th of June 2019.

SOSU Oestjylland College organised the meeting and all project partners from Greece, Italy, Spain and Denmark participated.

The meeting focused to the finalization of the contents of the training modules and the training material. The procedure was not easy, as the needs of health professionals and community workers (target groups of the training program) are different in each country and partners had to agree on the common contents of the course.


Pilot of SCORE training course

Partners also discussed and agreed on the dates of the beginning of the pilot in each country. The schedule is the following:

  • Greece – Spain – Denmark: Training course will start on 02.12.2019 and will finish on 08.03.2020 (12 weeks in total)
  • Italy: Training course will start on 13.01.2020 and will finish on 05.04.2020 (12 weeks in total)


Multiplier Events – Dissemination

As the dissemination of the project to the target groups and the stakeholders is a very important aspect of the project, partners fixed the days of the national Multiplier Events in Greece, Italy, Spain and Denmark:

  • Greece, Multiplier Event will take place in Patras, on 10.10.2019 and on May 2020
  • Italy, Multiplier Event will take place in Perugia, on September 2019 and on September 2020
  • Spain, Multiplier Event will take place in San Sebastian, on 06.2019
  • Denmark, Multiplier Event will take place in Aarhus, on 10.10.2019

Project will also be presented to the International Conference of EFVET 2019 in Azores, were more than 250 delegates – representatives of colleges and other educational organisations from Europe, Asia and USA – will learn about the project aims, objectives and training program.

Finally, partners fixed the dates of the 4th project meeting, which will take place in Patras – Greece, on 17th – 18th of December 2019.

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