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On Wednesday 15th July 2020, at 17:00, the web summit “How local communities can give support to refugees” was conducted. The web summit organized by the University of Patras, which is the coordinator of the project. The purpose of the web summit was to inform the public concerned for the issues of refugees and immigrants regarding their integration in the community and the presentation of the educational program, which was implemented in the framework of the project.


The speakers of web summit

The web summit started with Prof. Apostolos Vantarakis, Professor of the University of Patras, Medical Department and coordinator of the project, presenting the SCORE project to the participants. Then followed the presentation of Dr. Apostolos Veizis, Executive Director of Doctors without Borders, providing a picture to the participants of the overall situation and the ways that local community support refugees and immigrants.

Mrs. Karolina Akinosoglou, Ass. Professor at the University of Patras, mentioned the medical issues of refugees and immigrants and how health professionals can deal with them. Mrs. Georgia Konstantopoulou, psychologist, referred the psychological burden and needs of refugees and immigrants and how health workers can support them. Then followed the presentation of Mrs. Vasiliki Stamou, Political Scientist and coordinator of Day-center “Iolaos”, Klimaka, sharing with the participants the situation in Day-centers for refugees and asylum seekers. Mr. Stefanos Reppas, MSc Health Labs, presented how local communities are affected by refugees and immigrants.

Finally, Mr. Panagiotis G. Anastassopoulos from, project partner in Greece, presented the outcomes of the piloting of the educational program, which was implemented from 27 January 2020 until 29 May 2020.


The participants showed great interest in the humanitarian crisis of refugees and immigrants and seemed satisfied from the presentations of the speakers. The presentations were followed by extensive discussion between speakers and participants.

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