Meeting held in Perugia – Umbrò venue – Wednesday 16 January 2019 – 14:00 – 19:00


When and Where

Arci Perugia together with FORMA.Azione srl organized a Training for Trainers activity at Umbrò venue. It aimed at involving the key experts on how to work with refugees and Asylum Seekers, concerning healthcare and social aspects.It took place on the 16th of January 2019.



The key experts were:

  • Andrea Filippo Ravenda Medical Antropologist
  • Giulia Gamboni Doctor at the ANLAIDS surgery , free medical assistance for migrants
  • Barbara Pilati ARCI, Ora d’Aria – community worker
  • Giulia Pacchiarotti Lawyer, expert in supportino migrants and refugees
  • Angela Dello Mastro Psychiatrist (she could not participate because of an emergency, but she is fully involved in the process. She is the one who participated in the JST in June).

As auditor Beatrice Scassellati from FORMA.Azione srl took part, since she is working in a similar project carried out at local level – together with Sylvia Liuti.



The trainers were:

Sylvia Liuti and Riccardo Fanò Illic.



The session started with a brief presentation of the project S.CO.RE by Riccardo. Then Sylvia introduced the participants and started the practical work, as peer learning session to:

  • Share a common understanding on the aims and the expected learning outcomes from the ToT;
  • Explain the main expectations to improve the capacities of the HCWs Healthcare and Community Workersto deal with mental health and wellbeing and social inclusion of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in general, after the first phase of emergency;
  • Design training materials and practical cases to address the expectations and needs above mentioned.

The second part of the training has been focused on legislative updates according to a new DecreeDecreto Salvini, recently introduced in Italy. This fact will strongly affect procedures and professionals attitudes and capacities to interact with refugees and migrants.

The trainer Francesco Di Pietroexpert lawyer of ASGI (Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration (ASGI) recap the main issues related the new Decree. Moreover he elaborated at the key points that affect the services delivered towards refugees and asylum seekers in the area of social and healthcare support.

The project moves on smoothly and it has a great impact to the focus community!

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